About Us

Every parent knows that raising a family costs money and the kids eventually outgrow everything.  We opened Caterkids so you could sell what you no longer use and buy pre-loved baby items and clothing at an affordable price.  Having a baby or keeping the family fashionable can be expensive, but Caterkids is here to stretch that dollar without compromising quality.

Originally founded as Caterpillar Kids in 2004,  the now non-profit, Caterkids has grown to be Hawaii's favorite and largest resale baby store whether you are looking to BUY or RENT!  Yes!  We also offer baby gear rentals! 

At our location in Waipahu, Hawaii you will find clean, quality resale baby items including strollers, high chairs, walkers, playards, swings, toys, children's clothing, women's designer handbags and wallets and much more!  We are so confident in the quality of what we sell that we offer a 30-day Product Warranty on each purchase covering defects.  Go ahead, shop with confidence!

Caterkids buyers are only available at the Waipahu location at this time.  For info on how to sell visit caterkids.com or call 808-845-5575.  Mahalo!